Final Project

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Write up:

Okay, this is it.

There are a couple different things that I changed in this final draft compared to what was in the rough draft a couple weeks ago. First off, I added smoother transitions between videos and pictures. I found that in the rough draft, they stuck out too much or were sometimes kind of cheesy. Now, I feel that the flow is a lot better and it goes from one segment to the other. The next upgrade that I will discuss is what I incorporated with the pictures and the videos.

I also added more pictures of myself throughout the years and stuck them at the end of the video. These pictures are of me in the past year that I felt represented my life and the goal of the entire video. There are also pictures of what my dorm floor looked like last year because one of my peers said that it would mean more to put those in the video in order to get the total experience of my first year living at Washington State. Another addition to the video was that I put subtitles to all the videos and pictures so that the audience knows what all of my clips are and how they can relate to me.

Overall, I think that I learned a lot through this project. It made me combine all my different skills and techniques that I picked up during all of the different video and audio tutorials. Although I couldn’t manage to get my voice in the video, I used the audio track that the class used in one of the previous tutorials. I hope that I can use these skills in whatever future that I might be in job wise, or in my general life.

And here is the final video…

Updated Story Board

-Two pictures of my childhood
-Music starts
-Perham video
-Two pictures of the dorm
-Baseball Field Video
-Rec Video
-Baseball picture
-Family photo
-Ending credits

Here’s what I have so far….

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What you should see below is my story board, write up and draft footage of what I have done for this project so far.

Story Board

0-30 seconds. In these 30 seconds, I will show the two pictures that I shot of myself when I was a baby. There isn’t anything better in a “about me” story than showing off the baby pictures. Audio wise, I will talk about my early childhood along. I will also have an intro word text that pops in and then goes out after about ten seconds so that the appeal doesn’t ever go away.

30-60 seconds. The next 30 seconds will be of a 360 degree view of the WSU baseball field. The baseball team and my manager position has become one of the biggest events that I have ever experienced in my lifetime and I figure it will be a good addition to my project. Regarding audio, I will be talking about how it has changed my life for the best and what I do as a manager. Again, I will have word text that says something along the lines of “Bailey Brayton Field”.

60-75 seconds. In the second to last video clip, it will be of the rec, or Student Recreational Center. This has also changed my life as it has gotten me into great shape. I will have a word text go in and out along with audio of myself explaining why this place is important to me.

75-90 seconds. Finally, it will be a video of Perham Hall, where I lived my freshman year at WSU. It was truly an experience I will never forget. I will then end the entire video with a picture of my dorm floor that will leave the audience purely shocked.

Rough Draft, Video Wise

Write up

Do not be alarmed. This is still a video that has quite a bit of work left for myself to do in order to make this a final product. I added some titles to my beginning and ending along with some transitions between my videos and pictures. I plan on adding audio of me talking throughout the entire video explaining what is on the screen and why it is significant.

Due to my computer being restarted and losing all of my videos, I have taken a little different approach to this project. It is still about me but more recent locations and things that are here at WSU. I was originally going to do this video about my life at home and where I grew up but that won’t make the cut anymore.

In this new video, I have taken footage of the baseball field, the rec, my old dorm and three pictures of the Bohler gym along with some baby pictures. I think that all of these combine can make a solid video. The baseball field is probably the most important part of the video just because that is where I spend most of my time. I am there almost every day helping out in practice and being part of a hopeful soon to be legendary team. I also took a video of the rec because it is one of the most important places of my life. I went into WSU being an overweight freshman that didn’t know anything about lifting and now I can’t even go a day without going up there and getting a workout in.

All of the other videos and pictures are also important parts of my video but the most important are the ones that I explained up above. Get ready for a good final project next week!

Here are two pictures that I plan on using in my final video project. I’ll be putting video and pictures together.

Premiere Tutorial #2

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Below is my Adobe Premiere Tutorial. Its a 360 degree view of my backyard when standing on my deck. You have to wait four seconds and then the video starts.

Tutorial One with Premiere

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Final Audio Story

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To start this writing assignment for my audio story, I must say that I am having trouble with this project.  But first, the good things.  Editing this story has been no problem.  With the skills that I have learned during the tutorials, I can mix and match different audio clips together to get a “final”product. I would have absolutely no idea how to do any of this if I didn’t do
what we did in class a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only good thing going for me right now.  I first had a hard time getting recordings of interviews.  I interviewed myself and my roommate Matthew.  My interview came out very blurry.  With some help from the audio assistance, my voice has come out a little better but still not crystal clear.

With my limited recording, I have tried to make this audio be a life story of a project.  I think that with the general topic, about me, that a life story is the right way of doing this.  I know that this is only about a minute and forty five seconds long right now.  Currently, I am trying to find a way to record my mom or pretty much anybody else so that it can be more than just me and Matthew.   Having more than two people creates a perspective that could actually make this audio story much more strong than it is today at a mere one minute.  I will continue to work on this daily and the final product will be better, guaranteed


I finally finished my project.  This was probably the most difficult to finish due to the lack of resources I had and also my computer technology.  But regardless, I have gotten this done and I think that my final product is better than what it was like before.  Now I’ll go into greater detail in different parts.

The first couple minutes of my project have audio that is challenging to hear compared to others.  Because of this, I did some auto enhancements and it can now be listened to a lot better than what it was like before.

I had my roommate Matthew talk about my life for a solid minute or two and I incorporated his voice in my project as much as I could without it sounding awkward.  I had Matthew say really obvious, but key parts of my life such as family, baseball, school and where I have been in my life.  Having Matthew in my finished project helps it in the end.

After a lot of laptop work, I got my microphone to work much better than what it was like in the first minute or two.  The last solid minute of the audio is just me talking about the topic which is my life.  I tried to talk about what is happening in life right now and what is hopefully coming my way in the near future.  This is a different aspect on my entire project, but I think that it is a good way to have closure to my audio.


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Here are my draft interviews.  There is one of myself, and then one of my good friends and current room mate, Matthew.