Final Project

Posted: December 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Write up:

Okay, this is it.

There are a couple different things that I changed in this final draft compared to what was in the rough draft a couple weeks ago. First off, I added smoother transitions between videos and pictures. I found that in the rough draft, they stuck out too much or were sometimes kind of cheesy. Now, I feel that the flow is a lot better and it goes from one segment to the other. The next upgrade that I will discuss is what I incorporated with the pictures and the videos.

I also added more pictures of myself throughout the years and stuck them at the end of the video. These pictures are of me in the past year that I felt represented my life and the goal of the entire video. There are also pictures of what my dorm floor looked like last year because one of my peers said that it would mean more to put those in the video in order to get the total experience of my first year living at Washington State. Another addition to the video was that I put subtitles to all the videos and pictures so that the audience knows what all of my clips are and how they can relate to me.

Overall, I think that I learned a lot through this project. It made me combine all my different skills and techniques that I picked up during all of the different video and audio tutorials. Although I couldn’t manage to get my voice in the video, I used the audio track that the class used in one of the previous tutorials. I hope that I can use these skills in whatever future that I might be in job wise, or in my general life.

And here is the final video…

Updated Story Board

-Two pictures of my childhood
-Music starts
-Perham video
-Two pictures of the dorm
-Baseball Field Video
-Rec Video
-Baseball picture
-Family photo
-Ending credits

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